Sunday, January 31

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The woods, 12:00


Overnight the temperature had risen and almost all the ice had melted. The piles of snow had shrunk dramatically and the little solar lights in the flowerbeds had all suddenly reappeared. I looked out of the window and was astonished.

I went for a walk. Initially I took a bag of old paper to be recycled and then I walked down Riskutie and turned right to walk through the woods. I got a shock. Not all the ice and snow had melted and the path through the woods was smooth with ice. The hills were almost unwalkable and I gave up halfway.

Now I have slithered back to the crossing near the back of the house. Everywhere is almost colourless under grey skies. I will walk cautiously ahead and get back to the house in time for brunch.

In the afternoon we will go to Pakila, where we will find a gym to play in, and then to Stockmann, where I will be astonished for a second time. Before Christmas Stockmann closed its electronics department and sublet its book department. Now it has closed its toy and its pet departments. It is moving its flower department from the entrance to a small corner on the second floor and halving the size of its cosmetics department.

We were told that we could go to the main store in the centre to get toys and pet foods because this now contains a small Hamley’s and a sublet pet store.

If this continues then Stockmann will not have enough departments to count as a department store. The shop was almost empty and the deli was deserted. Later we noticed queues of cars pulling into Prisma.

I am not sure I understand Stockmann’s strategy.