Saturday, January 30

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Stoa, 15:00


It was too cold and slippery to go for a walk, so I had a shower and then ate breakfast.

In the afternoon I helped Irma to finish moving her office from Kontula to Stoa. We drove to Kontula and picked up whatever needed to be picked up and put it in the car. Then we drove to Stoa and unpacked some of it.

Now I am in an office in Stoa looking out at the gallery, the booking office and the cafe. It is quiet and peaceful, and the photographic exhibition – Meidan Perhe – interests me. If I look out of the window at the other end of the office I will be looking down at the library where a group of teenagers seem to be doing school assignments while other people are looking through the cds.

After this we will go home to drop off the remaining items and then return to Prisma for the shopping needed for tonight’s meal. We will spend the early evening cooking and the later part of the evening eating.

If we watch television it will be the kind of television that you forget as soon as you look away. I find more and more television falls into this category. I have yet to decide if this says more about me or about current television.