Thursday, January 28

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Outside Arcada, 14:50


I set out this morning prepared for the worst. My feelings were borne out when I stepped out of the drive and onto the road. It was like smoothed ice. However this turned out to be very local. As soon as I stepped into Vartiokyläntie everywhere was running water. It seemed that everywhere except right outside our house the big thaw had started and was well underway.

When I got to the slope I slid down at speed yesterday morning it turned out to be a fast flowing stream. I walked down it easily, only getting slightly wet when the waves lapped at my ankles.

I spent the morning with those CMS students who wanted help finishing their final projects. The range of problems, and the wildly varied difficulty levels, kept me busy, and prevented everyone finishing. I took three sites and promised to look at them whenever I had free time. The good news was that everyone who showed up had done a lot more than was necessary to pass the course.

At 13:00 I was in Kamppi at BRiiM’s new headquarters talking with Reidar. This turned out to be exceedingly useful for both of us, and I will have a lot to report about this very soon.

Now I am back at Arcada and just about to enter the building. I am almost kneeling down to take a very of the ice, gravel and snow from floor level. The effect is not as dramatic as I had hoped but still interesting. I will notice that the weather is now quite warm and go in to meet Tomas.

We will plan the final two sessions of the Innovations course.

At 16:15 the groups will make their presentations, outlining their research and describing the three prototypes they have conceived.