Tuesday, January 26

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Itävaylä, 7:40


The snow was so thick this morning when I left the house that it was making very strange shadows on the ground under the street lights. Now I am waiting for the bus and the snow is coming down in very large flakes that, unusually, are big enough to get picked up clearly by the camera on my iPad.

I will discover that the buses are running to no particular timetable this morning due to the ubiquitous presence of snowploughs.

The morning will disappear in an attempt to help some of the students from the CMS course finish their WordPress sites. We will have room problems and we will have computer problems in the room we switch to, and some of the students will have “I have forgotten everything we did before Christmas” problems, but one way or another some people will be further ahead at the end of the morning than they were at the start.

In the afternoon I will spend an hour producing a Powerpoint slideshow and talking with the cultural producers about Nordic Narratives and the roles that they will play. I will then have a thesis tutorial, where we will decide upon a thesis topic. This will be a variant on “Has the role between brands and celebrities changed, and if so why?”

By the time I leave for home the weather will have changed, just as Foreca predicted. The downpour of snow will have turned into a downpour of rain.

Oh joy.