Saturday, January 16

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The woods, 11:30


With the exception of Sunshine the cat, we all got up slowly. We had breakfast, and then we cleaned the house, which gets very dirty very quickly in the winter.

I am out walking for what will prove to be a very short time. It is windy enough to make the walk unconfortable and I am determined not to prolong my cold. I content myself with taking a few photographs of the trees in the low winter sun, and then shuffle home through the piles of still-soft snow.

I will remember that the blades on my electric razoe definitely need changing. When I use it nowadays it rubs my chin rather than actually cutting the hairs it finds. I will look through the box we keep with instruction manuals and guarantees. I will find a lot of things but nothing relating to the shaver. I can see no markings on the actual shaver and so I start looking through Philips website.

Eventually I will find a FAQ which explains how to find the model number. It is on the back of the shaver. Sure enough, when I look at the back, I can see very, very faint markings including the Philips logo. The writing has completely worn away in the years I have been holding it. I will spend fifteen minutes looking at it in various different lights, with and without glasses, and then ask Naa. She will look at the photo on the Philips site, showing where to find the model number, and then look for a few minutes at the shaver.
Eventually, like an oracle, she will slowly say: R Q 1 0 5 0.

I will go back to the Philips site and check and, yes: the Philips RQ10 / 50 is indeed a shaver and, when I see a photo, I will realise that it is indeed my shaver. A few moments later I will have discovered that Philips no longer make replacement heads but some are available from E-Bay.

After this we will go to Prisma and then come home and have a communal Saturday evening cooking and eating.