Friday, January 15

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Arcada, 15:00


The day started with the usual gentle snow.

At 9:15 Tomas and I met the first year Innovation students who presented the results of their research, which included their three potential prototypes. When the first group took twenty minutes to make their five minute presentation and answer questions, we realised that we might need to expland our timetable.

By the time the session ended we had seen and heard four out of the twelve presentations, although we had also had some long, detailed and intelligent discussion. We also had no need to prepare the next session on Monday, since that was obviously going to be a continuation of today.

I had lunch with Riita and Mikael, talking about doctorates and grants and what it meant to research well-being, if it meant anything at all.

Now Nathalie has just told me that I have some students graduating and so I am looking down at the ceremony to see who I can recognise. I can recognise a lot of people but none of them are my students. I will come back later when the ceremony is over and everyone is tsanding around drinking sparkling wine.

I will still find no students who owe their graduation to me but I will talk with some who don’t.

At 16:00 Tomas and I will meet with the MA students and I will deliver a lengthy lecture about the nature of community. After this the groups will each present the results of their initial research and all but one group will sound convincing.

The students will beg to finish early, because it is the weekend, and so we will declare the class over at 20:20.