Wednesday, January 13

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Arabia, 18:15


I spent most of the day with students. Some of the time I was teaching, other times I was leading discussions. Yet other times I was running clinics trying to help the Innovation students work through the problems in their ideas.

At midday I had a tutorial with a student who is having trouble with her thesis. The trouble is not hers, although the consequences are. The research she wanted to do appears to have been stymied by the inability of the people who agreed to be researching in actually agreeing times and places for this to happen. She has started to run out of time, and all she has to show for her work is a series of unanswered, or partly answered, emails.

We worked out a different strategy, and after the meeting I emailed Camie to see if she and Milton could play a part in the research process.

At 16:00 I had a Nobanet E-Learning Skype meeting in which I presented the revised version of the questionnaire that I had drafted. We had a lengthy and detailed discussion at the end of which I got more homework. I promised to deliver a final version of the questionnaire next Tuesday.

At 17:00 I had a Skype conference with Jake in which we went through the paper I had sent him about the possible June conference. We had a very detailed discussion, and by 18:10 we had agreed that we would have a gathering and not a conference. The gathering will consisted of thirty four invited participants, and we will try to make this a rolling process in which we will invite three people who will each invite three people, and so on. This miht produce more people than we anticipate, but we will assume that not everyone who is invited will choose to accept and so everything will work out just fine.

We also agreed that the gathering will result in an updated manifesto which will be published online at DibDibDob as a free Creative Commons download, and that this will feed into Pixelache’s festival in September, which has empathy as its theme.

Now I am out of the building and on my way home. My day is finally over. It is dark and the tram has just left. As I pass the light shop I notice that it stands in stark contrast to everything else. It is lit and looks like a grotto.

I smile briefly and then notice that the wind is freezing me and stop.

At home I will chat, have supper and go to bed early. Tomorrow will be a longer day than today.