Thursday, January 7

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Zero Waste Centre, Kovalam, 13:10


This morning I decided to take a photograph of the house from the little ledge at the edge of the lake where people come to fish. Bruno followed me.

We walked into the temple grounds and I looked at the start of the path. When I saw it I changed my plan because I was convinced that scrambling down and then back up was almost inevitably going to involve breaking or losing my iPad. However I also realised that I needed to get under some trees because otherwise I would be shooting straight into the sun.

I dropped onto a 2 metre hole which leads further into the wooded area round the quarry, where I had seen the boys do it. I ducked inder the bushes and took some photos of the house with the sun safely out of the way.

Then I climbed back up to discover that Bruno was standing at the edge watching and had no intention of moving. I ended up hanging on, half in the hole and half out, with my head at the same height as his, with him interestedly licking my face.

Now it is 13:00 and Ani has brought us to the Zero Waste Centre which is still here, and will be here until at least March. Uday was right.

Two of the women are there and two are on a training course. We chat for some time and buy some bags and spices. They were expecting us so presumably Uday had told them we would be coming. We are glad we did.

I promise that we are still trying to find funding to bring some of them to a conference and workshop in Helsinki. I must try harder.

At 15:20 Anib will arrive and drive us to the airport. Everything will be much easier and smoother than Delhi. We will eat some pleasingly spicy samosas, and our plane will leave on time.