Saturday, January 2

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Lighthouse Beach, 14:30


I spent most of the morning on the balcony, exposing myself to the sun for the first time in days. Bruno sat with me most of the time.

I looked online and confirmed that the second, third and fourth books in Ashok Banker’s Kali Rising series are, and have always been, only available as e-books. They are available from his website by subscription. Subscriptions are closed. I will email him when I am back in Finland.

At 13:30 we got Ani’s rickshaw to the beach and walked along to Leo. Everyone except me had a massage. I had a lemon ginger soda, and started reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Later I chatted with Hari.

Now I have spotted a man walking along the beach carrying a gigantic stack of toy windmills. The wind is noticeable and he is staggering as the windmills catch the wind. I walk off to photograph him but he starts hurrying. 

What I need is an assistant to stop him with a windmill-related enquiry while I photograph him from behind. Since she is no longer available I find myself running after him until eventually I am able to take this shot. A few seconds later the windmill blow round in the breeze and he hurries away even faster.

Later we will walk back to Hawah Beach road, stopping at the Wind Hoek cafe for a cold beer and some ice-cream.

When we get home we will find a big bunch of bananas on the kitchen table. Ajuma and his friend have, we suppose, collected them for us from the trees by the lake.

Later still we will eat homemade pasta salad with vegetables from the market and some of Anib’s home-preserved (and very salty) tuna.