Monday, December 14

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A3, Arcada, 15:20


This morning I wore my winter boots and avoided slipping on the pavements. Other people were not so lucky.

I started the morning with the first session of the Innovation and Conceptualising course that Tomas and I are leading in January. We wanted to provide them with some preparatory work for the Christmas vacation because the course is two intense non-stop weeks when they get back. I talked about Popplet and Trello, and Ideo and human-centred design.

Then I prepared a slideshow for the staff meeting this afternoon, and which I presented Liisa and my thoughts about the event that, for this week only, we are called Nordic Narratives. Lars pointed out something very sensible afterwards. He said that I should probably give exactly the same talk in January so that people had heard it twice and thus maybe understood what I was talking about.

After this we went to the Rector’s Info meeting where we heard a stirring Christmas message in which we learned we would have to do more for less or doom would befall us all. I paraphrase from the original Swedish, of course, and I may have missed some of the nuances. I understood the graphs though.

Now I am looking out of the window on my way back to the staffroom where Liisa and I will decide that we will decide what to do on Wednesday afternoon, between our separate meetings and the Arcada Christmas dinner.

Twenty minutes later it will be pitch dark and time to leave.