Friday, December 11

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Sundö, 14:00


We got up. I had a shower and we had breakfast.

Afterwards we drove to Porvo and, after a quick stop for gas, we carried on to Sundö. The water had been so high at some point last week that the ferry stopped briefly because the jetties were unusable. When I look out over the Sundö bay I can see that the jetty here has also fallen into the water. Even now the water is much higher than normal.

As we waited for the ferry we saw a small family of swans swimming past. There are eighteen ducks swimming round the jetty here. Neither of these are normal. The birds should all be somewhere further to the south by now.

We will spend a good afternoon with Mika and Camilla and Johan. Aili will pop by, and we will miss Ann-Sofi because she is still at achool.

In the late afternoon we will drive back to Helsinki, after stopping in Mikrokulma and S-Market in Porvoo. We will exchange presents and have our private Christmas dinner, because we will be in Kerala when the rest of Finland celebrates.