Tuesday, December 8

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Suvilahti, 15:55


I have spent the whole day with the CMS group who are now all at different stages in the final development of their projects. Some have decided, with my blessing, that there is absolutely no need to add WordPress to their site, because the content that they are managing is all static. They are using Foundation 5 and some are also using masonry.js or skrollr,js.

I have been using my site as a practical demonstration of how to upgrade a “normal” WordPress theme and make a Foundation-based site using JointsWP as a starting point. During the course of the day I added to the site as I demonstrated solutions to problems, and so I found myself holding impromptu tutorials while actually building aspects of my site as examples. The new front page got built in that way, as I demonstrated multiple loops in action.

I therefore spent the day running rapid one-on-one tutorials to deal with highly specific issues, and by the time they started to leave with their heads spinning mine was in a state of continuous rotation. I left in a hurry to get to the final Pixelache board meeting of the year.

Now I have walked past the metro station, through the new pathway, and I am passing the power station. The light is extraordinary and the smoke from the chimney looks like cartoon smoke.

The board meeting will be followed by the Pixelache Pikkujoulu which will have more cheese than wine, and there will only be two pieces of cheese. I will chat mostly with Mia and Samir and, as usual, ideas will emerge from the conversations that might prove useful next year.

I will be home by 22:05, and in bed asleep by 20:20.