Thursday, March 29

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Home, 17:45

Late last night, as we were about to go to bed, Moonshine arrived home and raced indoors. Irma shouted that it had a kitten in its mouth but when we forced it to drop what it was carrying it turned out to be a baby rabbit. A completely unharmed baby rabbit.

Eventually we found the box the cats use for travelling and put it in there with some lettuce for the night.

Today I did a lot of administration and organisation for the Masters course and several other courses. At 13:00 I had a meeting with Reidar that didn’t happen. I raced to BRiiM to meet him, and remembered as I arrived that he had said, when he postponed the meeting on Tuesday, that this time he would come to Arcada. I raced back to discover that, as far as anyone knew, he had not arrived in the building. Can I start a conspiracy theory, please?

Now I am at home with Auo while Irma is at a meeting. I have been instructed to make the rabbit eat and drink, which is proving impossible. It started leaping around the room as soon as I opened the cage and it is making more noise than any rabbit I have ever heard: both growling and squeaking. After forty minutes I manage to get it back in the box.

Later I will look on the web and discover that, when you find a young wild rabbit, what you should do is leave it where it is or put it back. Despite this advice, which I assume must be true because it has been posted on the internet, the rabbit will be christened Bob and spend another night in a box in a cupboard in our bedroom.